Wes McWhorter

Weston McWhorter is a designer and interactive developer based in New Orleans, LA. Husband to one, and father of two.

He currently serves as president of the New Orleans chapter of AIGA – the professional association for design.

I’ll stop talking about myself in the third person…

So, as I mentioned above, I currently acquire the benjamins through the application of design techniques and interactive development protocols to produce reasonably sophisticated online experiences for users of the World Wide Web. There was a time when I believed I could make a living skateboarding, or racing bicycles, or playing in bands. But none of that panned out. Probably for the best. Though I still dream of kicking Lance Armstrong’s cocky ass up one side of the high Alps and down the other.

New York City made me who I am today. I was there on 9/11. I will forever love that city and I will encourage every creative person I know to spend more time there than they are comfortable with – because once you get really uncomfortable, that’s when the transformation sets in.

While I was in New York, I ran a small studio and had the pleasure of working with Mark Pernice. I also played in a band called The Mercury Stars. When the band broke-up, we lost our domain name to an individual or group of individuals who chose to use the domain to peddle less than savory stuff. So I bought a new one. Take that peddlers of unsavory stuff. Tracks below.

The Mercury Stars s/t

released independently in 2005 (Buy It Now)

To Be Down Is To Be In With The In Crowd


Six Days Until Sunday


Catastrophe Is No Cause For Alarm

released independently in 2004

There’s Continual Safety In Numbers


They Don’t Know

Our Dear Amateur Driver

Just Below The Surface Lies Something Thicker Than Water

The Killing Moon
Freedom Fighter

I grew up in College Station, TX (30.6° N 96.3° W). It’s a fine town for Republicans, and Southern Baptists. My folks are those. And I love them. I also love cows, and horses, and the country. Because I grew up there.

I don’t read enough, and I don’t cook enough. Though I swear to my wife those things will change someday.

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Hometown: College Station, TX
Currently Residing: New Orleans, LA


AIGA New Orleans
Loyola University
Open Web Eduction Alliance
The Designers Accord

Respect & Co-conspirators:

Zande+Newman Design
Joshua Davis
Duke Riley
Mac Premo



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